We like to surround ourselves with beauty. It calms us, it makes us feel good and gives us joy.

But we also like to be seen and heard. We like to be taken seriously and we like to be treated with respect. We often need encouragement and sometimes even a litte push to get or keep us going because, you know, tough times. We all need a good laugh to loosen us up or get our minds off things. We also all need clothes to dress us and occasionally help make a point, too.

All of the above are my reasons to create. Put a powerful statement, an encouragement, a funny scene, a motto on the wall for the words to be there when you need them. Decorate a shirt with a statement, so everyone can see where you're coming from. 


I love art that makes me think.

I love art that makes me smile. 

I love art that "hits the spot", whichever that might be at the moment.

I also love beautiful things but in my own art I value all of the above higher than the common "pretty". And, honestly, there are so many excellent artists out there to create beautiful pictures.

I use markers, gouache, watercolour, acrylics, ink, pastels, coloured pencils and more for putting colour on paper. I carve lino stamps to create prints. For a more durable result I work with thread or fabric on fabric or create a design digitally to have it printed onto fabric directly. All of these methods have their own advantages, depending on the use of the finished product but also the reproducibility. That means, if many people like a design i can make more of the same by using digital means. This works for postcards, posters, stickers, shirts, etc. Even stamps make this possible.