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You can commission me for creating a personalized, unique piece of art such as


Original art on paper (mainly linoprints), canvas (acrylic) or fabric.


If you would like to learn linocut but can't make it to any of my dates at Kornbeck, you can book me for small group workshops at your place (sturdy table and sink as minimum site requirements) starting from 4 (to max. 12*) participants. We need about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the group. I'll bring all required materials (papers, linoblocks, inks, barens, brayers, a small press, pencils, cutting tools, cutting mats and papersheets to protect your surface top, first-aid-kit etc.).

You will learn how to choose a motif, transfer it onto a block of linoleum, carve the block, ink it and print with water soluble inks.

If that sounds like fun, click on the envelope button below.

*big groups are only for weekends, during the week I unfortunately do not have that kind of time.

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