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that's me

Some blah blah about me

Creativity was always my way to keep myself busy and entertained, but one day I woke up and felt that I'm supposed to be an adult and do adult things and so I went to university to become a doctor. After finding the love of my life and moving abroad I worked a few years in this very adult profession.


Some time along that journey I became a mother, learning lots of new things and going through many big emotions. I now have four kids and enjoy seeing their way of getting through the day with curiosity, creative activities and attention to detail (mainly to details we "adults" don't have time to acknowledge). 

Over the years I have taught myself to sew, I picked up  my childhood habit of drawing daily again and am constantly exploring different techniques such as  linocut, papercutting and digital art. My main focus in 2021 became linocut  illustrations combined with  lettering, often inspirational, sometimes political, sometimes funny.


In these ever-changing times, when unlearning outdated and wrong "truths" became as important as  learning new facts, we all need to keep an open mind and an open heart to the people of this world. Art gives me an opportunity to express my positions, advocate for others and play my part in an evolving  society. 

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